Exploring authentic vegan Thai cuisine at Quick Thai

Our recent visit to Quick Thai at Park Road exceeded all vegan dining expectations. This dedicated Thai restaurant not only provided a delightful dining experience but also showcased its commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction.


A feast for the senses

Upon stepping into Quick Thai, we were immediately captivated by the serene energy and the aromatic fragrances wafting in from the kitchen. The restaurant’s ambiance was warm and inviting, setting the stage for an enjoyable afternoon.


Eco-friendly dining

Quick Thai impressed us not only with its culinary prowess but also with its commitment to sustainability. One notable eco-friendly practice was its innovative use of QR codes for ordering, minimising paper waste.


A vegan adventure with a Thai twist

We began our culinary adventure with the Fried Tofu with Chilli and Garlic appetiser and we were immediately blown away by its flavours. The tofu was perfectly crispy on the outside, complemented by a tangy and mildly spicy sauce that danced on our taste buds. This delightful dish set the tone for an evening filled with culinary delights.


Next on our vegan journey, we opted for the Pineapple Fried Rice. The dish was a rainbow of colours, with vibrant vegetables dancing amidst fragrant rice. Each bite was a delightful medley of textures and flavours enhancing the overall experience – spicy, sweet and tangy all at the same time!

This was paired with their Stir Fried Beans with Fried Garlic. We loved the freshness of this dish, perfectly crunchy and tantalisingly green, combined with the crispy garlic that gave it a punchy flavour! We felt this would be a suitable accompaniment for any meal.


Impeccable service and customer-friendly approach

The staff at Quick Thai played a crucial role in enhancing our overall dining experience. They were attentive, knowledgeable, and eager to accommodate any dietary restrictions or preferences, taking the due care to ensure our dishes were entirely plant based. Quick Thai is also available on food delivery platforms, enabling customers to order online from the comfort of their homes.


From its commitment to sustainability to its delectable vegan options, Quick Thai at Park Road seamlessly combines great flavours with eco-conscious practices and is a must-visit destination to explore the vibrant and diverse flavours of Thailand.

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