Bowl’d over by poke bowls

Bowl’d, the Hawaiian restaurant that recently relocated to Gower Street off Havelock Road, is a hidden gem with a cosy and comfortable atmosphere that is immediately inviting. It goes without saying that the famous poke bowls served up here are the main draw and that’s what we were drawn to too.

With only the freshest ingredients going into the poke bowls, the Bowl’d menu offers a variety of vegan poke bowl options and also gives diners the very welcome option of making their own bowls.

Meatless Monday tried the Teriyaki Eggplant Poke Bowl (Rs. 1,100) – a standout dish bursting with flavour and packed with protein that made for a very satisfying meal.

Just watching them put the bowl together was an interesting process and our choice came with teriyaki eggplant as the protein option, with half-and-half sushi rice and zoodles making up the base.

Then came the mix-in option of green chillies, sweet corn, and onions; sauce option of spicy soy and chilli mayo; topping option of avocado, pickled cucumber and ginger, and spring onion; topped off with the crunch choice of crispy panko.

This combination was great to put together and even better to eat – it’s not every day that diners get the option of customising their meals to this extent and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Bowl’d restaurant also offers a variety of side dishes and drinks, including vegetable gyoza – dumplings filled with tofu, veggies, and mushrooms (Rs. 1,000), and gotukola Limeade – gotukola infused with lime (Rs. 400) that complemented the poke bowls perfectly.

All in all, Bowl’d offers the perfect menu for those who are vegan or wish to be, serving up something to bowl over every diner.

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