Karma Gardens, Arugam Bay: food for the body and soul

The stunning Karma Gardens is a lush green oasis that offers a shady respite amid the searing heat and sandy beaches of Arugam Bay. 

Open through Wednesday to Monday for brunch, drinks, and dinner from 8.30 a.m. to 10 p.m., this gorgeous café is a must-visit when vacationing on the east coast!

The Meatless Monday team checked out this haven of tranquillity recently and discovered a place that feeds both the body and soul.

Seitan Steak Sandwich 

We first tried out an absolutely must-try item on the menu – the Seitan Steak Sandwich. 

Seitan is a plant-based protein made from gluten and the main protein found in wheat. 

The seitan at Karma Gardens is hand-made in-house and painstakingly slow-braised in garlic butter and rosemary. It was served with caramelised onions, chimichurri sauce, fresh tomatoes, and garlic aioli on ciabatta bread.

All this comes together to make for a meal that is packed with flavour and utterly succulent. 


Spiced Tofu & Hummus    

Next up on the menu was the Spiced Tofu & Hummus. The crispy and sticky spiced tofu was served on a bed of quinoa and was quite the treat. The dish comes with a tabbouleh-inspired salad, chickpeas, crunchy raw carrots, and a healthy dollop of hummus on top with chilli oil. 

This exquisite combination makes the tofu a must-try on the menu and is sure to be a fast-moving highlight! This is a plant-based dish that elevates clean dining to a whole new level and certainly one you won’t regret selecting.


Ceylon Sunshine Elixir


We washed down our meals with the Ceylon Sunshine Elixir, which tastes just like it sounds. A flavour-packed combination of pineapple, passion fruit, mango, and ginger, this is liquid sunshine that will cool you down and give you a new lease of life amid the Arugam Bay sun, sand, and sea.

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