Guru Dosai: delectable, different, and in demand

An excellent Indian restaurant down Buthgamuwa Road in Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte, Guru Dosai is definitely a guru of dosas and quite a bit more – this café knows its cuisine!

Offering dine-in and delivery options, Guru Dosai is open daily from 11 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. and one can often see a whole lot of people lined up each day waiting to pick up their dosai delights.

Meatless Mondays tried out a few of the options on the menu and was quite surprised at the spice level in some, which was very welcome indeed.

But be warned, the dosas with toppings – such as the Tomato Uttapam and Garlic Dosa – aren’t for the fainthearted, while the sambols also pack a punch.


It goes without saying that we started our culinary journey with vadais – Ulundu Vadai and Parippu Vadai, to be exact.

The Ulundu Vadai – a deep-fried snack laced with curry leaves and spices – made for a delightful treat, while the Parippu Vadai – a deep-fried snack comprising lentils, red chillies, and spices, was just as yummy. These vadais are  truly irresistible.

The aroma they emit is so tempting that turning them down isn’t an option when they are just out of the pan and steaming hot. Size-wise, the Ulundu Vadai was of the usual size as served up anywhere else, while the Parippu Vadai was almost twice as large.

The vadais are served with spicy sambols, which elevate them in style. Spice lovers, take note – these sambols are after your own heart.

Something different

The Tomato Uttapam at Guru Dosai stands out when it comes to flavour – and spice!

A soft dosa topped with chillie flakes, curry leaves, and sliced grilled tomatoes with sambol, the Tomato Uttapam is a feast for the eyes and also delivers a punch when it comes to flavour – spicy flavour to be precise.

The grilled tomatoes, the green chillies, the soft fried onions… all these combine to comprise a dosa that is simple yet satisfying.


Next up we tried the Idli Set, a portion of soft and pillowy idlis accompanied with sambar and sambol – a hearty meal that is sure to leave you satisfied.

Serve yourself some of the sambols, pour some sambar over the idli, and you’re ready to dig into a spicy and delicious dish that delivers on taste and comfort. At that price point and packed with flavour, this is definitely worth it

Sweet Pani Poori 

For dessert, we just had to try the sweet pani poori. We ordered a three-piece portion to share, which was just perfect for two!

Filled to the brim with mixture, deep-fried lentils, fruit lollies, and sugar crystals, plus chocolate sauce drizzled on top, it offered just the right amount of sweetness and crunch. This decadent sweet treat is a must-try!

Other options

Guru Dosa has all your dosa needs covered and the price point is on the lower end for food that’s fresh, filling, and flavourful.

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