Harpo’s Pizza & Pasta Parlour in Nugegoda: Consistently delightful!

By Marianne David


While Harpo’s has built itself a fine reputation in Colombo and the suburbs over the years for its wood-fired, thin crust pizzas and homemade pastas, one factor that has really helped maintain that good name over the years is consistency.

Diners can order old favourites from Harpo’s Pizza & Pasta Parlour in Nugegoda and they will taste the same every single time – which is how it should be. No one wants unpleasant surprises with firm favourites: consistent comfort is key. Kudos to the team, indeed.

Incidentally, while vegetarians can go right ahead with the veg dishes on the menu, vegans have the option of saying ‘hold the cheese’ with the pizzas and pastas here – that’s the kind of personalized service Harpo’s offers.


Spaghetti Aglio Olio e Peperoncino Rosse Pasta

The consistency at Harpo’s is most appreciated when it comes to the Spaghetti Aglio Olio e Peperoncino Rosse Pasta, because this is a dish that Harpo’s has perfected and it brings so much satisfaction.

Always on point in terms of deliciousness, this dish merges flavours perfectly, with no component –garlic, dry red chillies, olive oil, or parsley – overwhelming another. This is the ideal comfort food; it speaks to the stomach and the spirit and tastes like spicy sunshine.

This dish is also available at The Bayleaf, by the way, if Nugegoda is out of reach, and via food delivery platforms.

Mediterranean Pizza

When it comes to vegetarian pizzas, the Mediterranean Pizza is truly delightful.

Featuring bell peppers, olives, tomato, cheese, and mushrooms, this pizza is packed to the max. The thin crust holds up beautifully under the weight and the flavours of the veggies complement each other effortlessly. This is a pizza you cannot possibly regret – or share without regrets.

Ask them to hold the cheese to turn this delicious pizza into a vegan meal.

Garlic bread and potato wedges

Also try the yummy garlic bread (flatbread style) and potato wedges; both are generous portions and tasty too – it’s hard to go wrong with either!

The garlic bread is a generous portion that sets the tone for the meal to follow. Sprinkle some chillie oil on a slice and it turns into something that’s perfect for the Sri Lankan palate. It’s hard to resist and the temptation to consume slice after slice is strong with this one, but remember the mains in the making!

The potato wedges are also as good as they come – generous, flavourful, and satisfying. Has anyone ever gone wrong with potatoes?


Plans in the pipeline

Sharing some good news, Harpo’s Pizza and Pasta MD Harpo Gooneratne speaking to Meatless Mondays revealed that a new menu was on the cards and part of the process would include the addition of more vegan and vegetarian food items, which they were now looking into.

A counter selling the Harpo’s retail range, which features several options for vegans and vegetarians – including homemade pastas and sauces – will also be added to the store soon, offering added convenience to diners looking to replicate the dishes at home.


The place

Harpo’s Pizza had been in operation for many years before the opening of its first standalone Pizza & Pasta Parlour in Nugegoda. Demand led to this expansion and it has been a move that has paid off in style, with the outlet seeing good business over the years.

Located on Stanley Tillekeratne Mawatha, it offers dine in, take-away, and delivery. It has its own brick wood-fired oven, one of the key reasons for its culinary success. The outlet is spacious and offers a nice space in which friends or family can hang out, with sufficient parking as well.

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