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Horton Place, Colombo 7 is turning into quite a foodie paradise with many cafés and restaurants opening over the past few years. The Milk and Honey Café however, has been serving an extremely vegan and vegetarian friendly menu for quite some time and this review is long overdue.  The Milk
Every now and then I get asked by people how I live on a plant based diet. Better yet, they say that without fish or meat, food is just meh!, or that being vegan in Sri Lanka is difficult, expensive, or doesn’t offer enough options. Today Ramesh and I decided
Harpo’s Vegan Pizza Meatless Monday Sri Lanka food reviews have been slow lately because of the current situation of the country. Like most people, we also have limited our hangouts and dine outs with friends outside. But that doesn’t stop us from indulging some meatless goodness. Harpo’s has recently added
On a Monday afternoon, Iyanthi, Ramesh and myself from Meatless Monday Sri Lanka headed to Jetwing Colombo Seven for a late lunch. We headed straight to the restaurant on the ground floor. Since it was past lunch time, the restaurant was empty and we could taste their delicious meatless food
For this week's review, we thought of trying the meatless food at Black Cat Cafe. Located at Wijerama Mawatha, Colombo 7, it is a great place to drop by, plug your laptop and attend to your work with peace of mind or have chat with your friends. From the Meatless
Located at Horton Place Colombo, Cafe Kumbuk is known for their healthy and nutritious meals. Apart from offering fresh, authentic and healthy meals, they are committed to avoiding refined sugar and artificial flavor enhancers in their dishes.   Meatless Monday decided to pay a visit, try some of their vegan
The Good Market has been a general favourite since its initiation at Diyatha Uyana in 2012. By bringing together local vendors from far corners of the island, it quickly became popular because of the fresh and organic produce on display and the vibrant atmosphere surrounding it. Now the Good Market
Natural Eats is a small café located on the 3rd floor of the Racecourse Shopping Complex, Colombo 7, along with the Fitness Collections gym. It focuses on catering to healthy and sustainable lifestyles. The café’s vision is to provide healthy food that is inspired by the taste and texture of
Momo’s by Ruvi is a quaint little restaurant that exclusively serves momos, which are dumplings that originated from Tibet. They serve momo’s that are prepared either steamed, shallow fried or wok fried and one of their popular items in the menu are the vegetarian momos and baos. The Meatless Monday