Plant-based Poya buffet launched by Cinnamon Red

By Marianne David


Lean luxury hotel Cinnamon Red Colombo now features a plant-based Poya Day buffet every full moon day, serving up an expansive dining experience featuring over 50 dishes. Positioned as a ‘plant-based feast,’ the property decided to launch the food feature to highlight the importance of adopting a plant-based diet, while focusing on how our ancestors were known to have thrived on vegetarian meals.


The spread is aimed at promoting health and wellness and introducing novel ways of creating magical dishes out of everyday vegetables, according to Cinnamon Red Colombo.Cinnamon Red Colombo General Manager Terrence Fernando noted that the vegetarian lunch buffet was first launched on Poya Day in February and, following a host of positive feedback, was being continued as a permanent Poya fixture by the property.


He revealed that the second edition – being served up on 6 March – would feature some of the favourites from the February spread along with new additions cooked up by the hotel’s talented culinary team.Speaking to the Meatless Monday Sri Lanka team on the decision to launch a plant-based Poya day buffet, he said that with the growing interest in healthier lifestyles witnessed in the country, Cinnamon Red Colombo had identified a need in the market for buffets that cater to vegetarians.“As a result, instead of merely having a limited number of vegetarian dishes in a buffet, we decided to go all-out on full moon days,” he added.


While the Cinnamon Red isn’t the only property serving up a plant-based buffet on full moon days, what makes it different is that, instead of limiting itself to Sri Lankan-based vegetarian dishes alone, it has also brought in plant-based dishes from around the world.Some of the unique dishes diners can look forward to include breadfruit sliders on a spinach bun, corn chowder, mushroom and cauliflower wellington, Moroccan couscous biriyani, jack fruit kottu, and coconut and caramel cream cake.


The buffet will comprise approximately 55 items, including salads and desserts, while the Executive Chef’s top four must-try recommendations are as follows: 1. Green gram curry, 2. Polos curry, 3. Breadfruit sliders on a spinach bun, and 4. Coconut and caramel cream cake.Given the focus on serving up healthy dishes, the buffet will also feature items such as green healthy soup and varieties of Sri Lankan sambols, along with many other dishes aimed at promoting wellness.The plant-based buffet is priced at Rs. 4,500 and is available from 12-3 p.m. at the Flavoured restaurant, on the 8th floor. For more information and to make reservations, call Cinnamon Red Colombo on 0703145175 or 0712145175.


Month reviewed :March 2023