Coffee, Juice, and Vegan Delights at Black Cat Cafe

This week Meatless Monday revisited Black Cat Cafe to observe and review any changes in the operation that may have occurred over the years. 

The first thing that struck us about this cafe was the courteousness of its staff members. They were all incredibly friendly and welcoming and seemed genuinely interested in ensuring that we .have a pleasant experience.


As we explore vegan food in Sri Lanka, we search for cafes that complement our objectives. We were thrilled to learn that the Black Cat Cafe offers customized Vegan options and that the staff is happy to adjust the menu accordingly. Although the menu has limited options for vegan food the staff was very helpful to let us know that some of the dishes can be converted into vegan if it is requested by the customer. 


Vegan Cappuccino infused with Creamy Coconut milk

However, since we focused on vegan beverages at Black Cat Cafe, first, we ordered a Vegan cappuccino (Rs. 1000/-). Unlike regular cappuccino, this one was made using coconut milk as a substitute for dairy milk. The barista did an excellent job creating a deliciously creamy cappuccino. The coconut milk gave it a unique twist that was both refreshing and satisfying. Adding coconut milk is a unique experience if you have not tried it before. Its already-proven health benefits such as improving the immune system, being a catalyst for weight loss, and improving heart health can be considered as influencing facts to give it a try.


Refreshing Pani Dodang Juice 

We also ordered the tangy Pani Dodang (sweet orange) juice (Rs.700/-). It was the perfect drink to quench the thirst on a hot day. The juice was incredibly refreshing, and the hint of tanginess added a burst of flavor that was simply delightful. This exotic elixir offers a myriad of advantages that will captivate your senses and invigorate your well-being. Bursting with vibrant flavors and essential nutrients, Sri Lankan sweet orange juice entices your taste buds while boosting your immune system with its rich vitamin C content.


Perfect Chili Fries 

To accompany the beverages, we ordered a plate of chili fries (Rs.700/-). They were the perfect balance of crispy and spicy, and the portion size was just right. The fries were a great addition to the experience that elevated the sense of taste of the beverage. 

Black Cat Cafe is a great place to just walk in, open up your laptop, and start working with a sense of peacefulness. The ambiance of the Cafe attempts to bring out the homely feeling, while it is well sustained by the courteous staff. Feel free to let us know your thoughts and experiences when you visit Black Cat Cafe.

In the bustling city of Colombo, if you are looking for a place to relax and unwind, Black Cat Cafe would be a good option. From warm smiles that greet you, and the cozy atmosphere, this cafe will put you immediately put you at ease. And there collection of vegan drinks is definitely a key feature!


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