Vegan Kade – Pop Up Sale

I Love pop up sales! I love it more when it is a store filled with vegan products. Established in September 2019, this online based store had its first pop up sale at Horton Place, Colombo 7 on 23rd December 2019 with a steady flow of customers eager to stock up on their vegan supplies. Named quite simply as the Vegan Kade (Vegan Shop) and filled with vegan goodies imported directly from the UK, the store is run by a group of young girls and their moms. Speaking with Diasha, Rameesha, Anuki and Roshi we found out that the Vegan Kade was started purely to offer quality vegan products at an affordable price to the public so that the transition to veganism could happen smoothly. 

Of course, many would argue as to why we need to import vegan products when Sri Lanka is blessed with an abundance of plant based food items be it grains, vegetables or fruit. The fact of the matter is that there are very few vegan products available if you wish to consume a different type of cuisine or want to recreate egg or dairy based baked goods. Further, most ready to drink plant-based milks produced using almond, soy or rice are quite expensive and finding products such as vegan cheese, ham, chocolate spreads, nutritional yeast and egg replacers is near impossible.

By providing products such as eggless salad dressings, dairy free plant based milk, chocolates, chocolate spreads, cheeses, vegan hams, grains and seeds, vitamins, egg replacers, nutritional yeast and many more Vegan Kade is filling a void vegans face on a daily basis. 

While browsing through products, Ramesh and I received truly delicious free samples of a Mango/ Chia pudding as well as a chocolate chia pudding. Made by Diasha the Mango Chia pudding had an undertone of coconut with tiny bite sized chunks of sweet ripe mango in every mouthful. The chocolate chia pudding was light and not too sweet which was a perfect blend for me. Only years of drilled etiquette stopped me from asking for seconds. 

We at Meatless Monday Sri Lanka are passionate in promoting a vegan lifestyle and are always on the look out to feature businesses and individuals who share our zeal. Looking at the young eager faces behind Vegan Kade, we are heartened to know that cruelty free vegan food is indeed gaining momentum and there is a future for a kinder and healthier lifestyle. 

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Until the next review, this is Suramya saying TTFN!