Vegan Food Review – Copper Lamp

Copper Lamp is a delightful cafe found on Hotel Road, Mount Lavinia and has a variety of vegetarian and vegan options. With the pandemic, we once again opted for delivery and were delighted with our order.

The menu Indian, Asian Fusion as well as western options which worlds well for a group of individuals with varied tastes. Orders can be placed directly to the cafe or be ordered through food delivery companies as well. 

‘Manchurian Balls’ served as our side dish and these are what you would call flavour bombs. These bite-sized indo-chinese delights were perfectly coated in a sauce but served dry. A portion contains six and is quite filling on its own. 

The garden salad is ideal for the health conscious and each ingregient was served separately  rather than tossed together. It was fresh, light and wholesome.  

The 18”  thin crust margherita pizza came piping hot, was perfectly baked and was an overall favourite.

Another crowd favorite was the pesto pasta. The penne pasta was cooked al dente and was tossed in a creamy pesto sauce. You can call the restaurant and omit the cream if you wish. Nothing was overpowering and we used the pizza crusts to dip into the leftover sauce. Yum!

Last but not least is the hefty Manchurian Burger. The burger is packed with manchurian balls, salad leaves, tomatoes, onions and their dressings and links the East with the West. Served with a pack of thinly sliced potato chips, this brings on happy sighs.

A gust of wind could make the thinly sliced chips fly. That’s how thin and crispy they were and we loved it!

We at MMSL are glad to support local restaurants and it is a pleasure to see Copper Lamp offering such an extensive range of vegetarian options. It is a pleasure to know that they are willing to accommodate vegan requests too. 

Suramya Hettiarachchi