Vegan Food Review – The Perfect Vegan Short-eats Box from The Vegan Kitchen By Sulo

Sri Lankans are known for their love for savoury snacks or ‘short eats.’ No tea party or children’s party would be complete without an array of these snacks laden upon tables to be enjoyed with a warm cup of tea. It is worth mentioning that there is nothing short about these flavour treats as it is impossible to resist the temptation to nibble on as many as possible. While most often these short eats are homemade, with today’s fast paced world it is not always possible to spare those extra few hours to come up with a feast. It is even more difficult to manage to get an array of completely vegan options. 

We have already featured The Vegan Kitchen by Sulo before, but this short-eat pack deserves a separate review. Sulo is perhaps one of the only cafes that supply vegan short-eat options and we at Meatless Monday feel really happy to have been able to get our hands on these yummies. 

We ordered a four short-eat combo and the yummiest vegan cupcakes ever. They came arranged in a box that can be served as it is or of course presented as you wish. 

First the savouries. The pack consisted of Vegan Pizza, sandwiches, samosas, rolls and sausage pastry. The pizza sauce was lovely and was topped with veggies and an in house ‘sheeze’ sauce. It has a coconutty aftertaste, but it works very well! The samosas and rolls had a veggie/potato stuffing which was both yummy and filling. The sausage pastry contained Sulo’s very own vegan sausages and was glazed with her special sauces. 

The tofu mayo sandwich for me was a winner. It looks like a typical Sri Lankan boiled egg sandwich and far as texture is concerned, it is almost the real deal. All the flavours were on point without an overpowering eggy taste to it. Which for me was perfect. Little chunks of soft tofu tossed with vegan mayo, onions, green chilies, tomatoes with hints of mustard and pepper. This is me sighing of happiness just thinking about it. 

Then comes the cuppies. Our cuppy combo included, coffee cupcakes with caramelized nuts, choc-chip cupcakes and passionfruit cupcakes with passionfruit curd. The cakes were soft and moist with the icings soft and yummy. I felt that the icing did not include a coconut based butter and was quite thankful for it as it is a personal preference. However, Sulo accommodates anyone who would prefer coconut-based butters. 

Did we enjoy the short eats and cuppies? Yes we did! Do we recommend it? Yes!  Her short-eat boxes are super popular and she regularly supplies some amazing short-eat combos. 

These tasty treats brought a smile to our faces and peace of mind during these troubled times and we are glad to be able to support local businesses during the pandemic. .  


Suramya Hettiarachchi