Noodles at Thai Colombo City Centre Food Studio

Remember our visit to Mala Hotpot? Well right next to it is Thai where they serve some scrumptious …well… Thai cuisine. Thadsha was craving for some noodles and we decided to pop across to grab a bite from there as well. Here too, the menu was quite limited, yet it covered some crowd favourites such as rice and noodle dishes, salads and Thai curries. We opted for the veggie noodle and green papaw salad and informed that we did not want any ingredient containing fish, meat or egg. While we cannot assure the noodle is vegan, we can say that this was a good vegetarian option and certainly a win for plant based cuisine. The ordering process was quite simple and straight forward and all we had to do was to chat and wait. 

The meal was prepared pretty quick and contained noodles mixed with an array of vegetables in a mild yet flavourful sauce. As much as vegetarian and plant based food is more and more popular in Sri Lanka, you do need to be mindful that there are certain condiments that are often disregarded and overlooked as being vegetarian. Chili paste is one such condiment. We forgot to mention about it and there it was nestled in all its fiery glory in the corner of our dish. Of course they were quick to rectify the matter and tucked in we did.

The noodles were cooked beautifully and the umami flavour was just right. We loved it. Filled with cauliflower florets, carrot, a healthy dose of spring onions and tofu, it was a delight. The green papaw salad containing julienned carrots, green papaw, bean sprouts, tomatoes was crunchy and fresh with a handful of roasted peanuts scattered artfully on the surface. Another win. Yum!

So, if you are looking for a quick meal with a generous serving of vegetables this will suit you well. Affordable, filling and plant based, it certainly gets a thumbs up from us. 

Until our next food adventure, TTFN!