Meatless Monday at ‘Yowun Puraya’

The Meatless Monday Sri Lanka team took part at the ‘Yowun Puraya – Youth Festival’, and hosted a Meatless Monday awareness creation stall from the 29th March to 1st April. The stall consisted of knowledge and promotional material regarding the importance of shifting to meatless lifestyles which was shared among the visitors to the stall while representatives of the Meatless Monday Sri Lanka team educated them on the campaign’s objectives.

The Meatless Monday team was able to create awareness among a wide ranging audience that consisted of school children, undergraduates, graduates and the general public on the many benefits that can be attained by shifting to a plant based diet, such as improving one’s health by moving away from unhealthy eating habits, creating a responsible society as it helps to protect the environment and adapt to the impacts of climate change and finally to help improve and protect the welfare of animals.

‘Yowun Puraya’, the Youth Festival was organized by the National Youth Services Council (NYSC), affiliated with the Ministry of National Policies and Economic Affairs. It was held in Nikawaratiya, Kurunagala from the 28th March to 1st April 2018.

The Program was organized with the aim to develop leadership skills through a series of capacity building programs to help the youth contribute to the national development process in the future. The Youth Festival brought together more than 6000 Sri Lankan youth and 100 international participants.