Harpo’s Vegan Pizza

Harpo’s Vegan Pizza

Meatless Monday Sri Lanka food reviews have been slow lately because of the current situation of the country. Like most people, we also have limited our hangouts and dine outs with friends outside. But that doesn’t stop us from indulging some meatless goodness.

Harpo’s has recently added a vegan pizza to their menu. We thought of trying it out by ordering it to office on Uber eats. We ordered the 9” regular (6 piece) pizza which was Rs.1,023.02.

When we got the pizza, the aroma of baked vegetables and the slowly simmered sauce filled the room leaving us all hungry again even after a heavy lunch. The pizza had several vegetables baked; yellow and green peppers, little bit of button mushrooms, olives eggplant and zucchini on the tomato-based pizza sauce layer.  We found the tomato sauce later to be a bit dry, maybe with the time it took for delivery it was dried off.

While we really appreciate them adding a vegan pizza to their menu, we felt like something was missing in terms of taste and what makes it a pizza. The cheese! Many vegan pizzas have their own inhouse cheese these days or other vegan branded cheese. We hope in future Harpo’s would try to improve the pizza by adding vegan cheese to it. If not, another alternative would be to have spicy tofu or baby jackfruit to make it more fitting to the Asian taste buds.

This is our honest opinion, but maybe you could be one of those vegans who would like the pizza without cheese 😊

That’s wrap for today and we will come to you with another review soon!

Sajani Kapukotuwa/ Ramesh Warallegama