VoV Coffee Lounge in Colombo

VoV (Voice of Vegans) coffee lounge, located at the Ramakrishna Road Colombo remains to date the only café in Colombo that offers a fully plant-based menu. Their menu includes a variety of vegan food including vegan pizza, pasta, burgers, sandwiches, soups and beverages such as coffee and hot chocolate made with plant-based milk.

Here’s a review of some of their best dishes:

Vegan Pizza: They allow you to select 2 vegan meat toppings and 3 vegetable toppings, choice of vegan cheese (cheddar/ mozzarella) and a choice of sauce from white sauce, tomato sauce and pesto. They make their own plant based cheddar and mozzarella cheese in house.  And all of this is for just Rs.999!

Pizza with mock meat, vegan bacon, oyster mushrooms, baby corn, baked potatoes with mozzarella cheese with tomato sauce.

Pizza vegan fish mortadella, vegan bacon, olives, vegan mozzarella, capsicum, tomatoes

Spaghetti Bolognese: Another a mouth watering vegan dish is their Spaghetti Bolognese. The Bolognese sauce is made with vegan ground meat sauteed with tomato sauce. It is priced at Rs.599.

The Dinklage Burger: Aside from pizzas, VoV Coffee Lounge is popular for their superb vegan burgers. One of their hot items in the burger menu is the Dinklage Burger filled with lettuce , tomatoes, perfectly fried mock meat with onions and topped with their own vegan mayonnaise. Priced at Rs. 599.

Cold Vegan Tuna Sandwich: The texture is almost the same as the real thing. It comes in a whole grain bread. However, this is not a regular item in their everyday menu, but available to be purchased off the shelf if it’s your lucky day. Rs. 50 a piece.

Mock Meat Cheese Submarine: Perfectly done mock meat with vegan cheese, tomatoes and salad leaves. This was one of the favourites. This used to be a grilled submarine, however they no longer do any grilled items. This too is not a regular item from the menu but you can make a request to make it: Rs. 400 (12 inch submarine)

The Legendary Hot Chocolate!: This has got to be the best cup of chocolate in town! Whether you are a vegan or not this is a must try! It’s a perfect blend of vegan chocolate with soy milk! You can also opt for the cold chocolate drink as well which is equally good! And for just Rs. 350 rupees it’s super worth!

Aside from their everyday menu, VoV Coffee Lounge tends to surprise you with their special dishes once in a while. They also had The Beyond Burger™ last month over a period of two weeks which was the highlight of the month for the fellow plant based lovers in town. So when you pay a visit there, don’t forget to ask for the specials, it might just be your lucky day!