Vegan Noodle Bowl – Smokey’s Café

Smokey’s café is the exciting new venture by Smokey’s the Brownie Bar. Taking a step further from their signature vegan brownies and desserts, Smokey’s café offers a couple of vegan dishes that can be enjoyed all throughout the day.

The vegan noodle bowl is the new dish that has been introduced by Smokey’s café and it has quickly turned out to be a fan favourite.

Simply put, the vegan noodle bowl from Smokey’s is rice noodles topped with several roasted vegetables that are local to Sri Lanka, along with a home-made peanut sauce. But it is not your ordinary noodle bowl mixed with vegetables and a sauce.

We were presented with a big bowl of rice noodles that was cooked al dante and was well seasoned. It was surrounded by roasted manioc chunks, egg-plant pieces, ash plantain peels, ash plantain chips, mashed and roasted pumpkin, string beans and wing beans. All of the vegetables were well seasoned and roasted well so that the plantain peels and chips gave a nice crunchy element to the smoky flavour of the pumpkin, manioc and other vegetables.

What made the noodle bowl unique was the home-made peanut sauce that was drizzled generously on top of the vegetables and noodles. The sauce had an intense peanut flavour that was well seasoned, and it paired beautifully with the roasted vegetables and rice noodles. To give the dish heat, finely chopped raw chillies were sprinkled on top and we liked how the heat of the chillies contrasted well with the sweetness of the peanut sauce.

Another unique aspect about Smokey’s vegan noodle bowl is that the vegetables added to the bowl is never the same vegetables. It changes according to season where seasonal vegetables make appearances to the noodle bowl, so if you dig into a Smokey’s vegan bowl next week, you could be uncovering different vegetables.

The Peanut sauce can also be changed to a home-made mango-kochchi sauce upon request.

The vegan noodle bowl is priced at Rs.600 and you also get a glass of iced cold tea, to wash down all the yummy vegan goodness.

Meatless Monday Sri Lanka gives the Vegan noodle bowl a thumbs up, and if you are looking for a quick lunch, head to Smokey’s Café for a delicious and healthy meal that is also cruelty-free.

Smokey’s Café