Smokey’s – The Brownie Bar

If you are looking for your sweet and cruelty-free chocolate fix, or more specifically, chocolate brownies, Smokey’s is the place for you. Owned by a proud vegan and vegan activist, Smokey’s is a completely vegan café that offers a range of cruelty-free and sustainable products. Meatless Monday went for a taste of Smokey’s delicious brownies and signature drinks, and we were not disappointed.

Brownies and Drinks

Meatless Monday tried the classic chocolate brownie as well as the Peanutella brownie which contains a heavenly mix of peanut butter and chocolate. The brownies are warm and soft with a good balance of crunchiness on top and a gooey center. They have a perfect amount of chocolate without being overly sweet.

Smokey’s signature drink – the brownie shake is exactly what it sounds like: a chocolate brownie transformed into a milk shake. In true vegan fashion, the brownie shake is made with coconut milk which gives it the required richness of texture and a unique flavor that pairs well with the chocolate brownie.

Smokey’s also carries a range of infused fruit teas that are ideal for the hot Sri Lankan weather; with flavors ranging from berry to mint and dark chocolate.

At the moment Smokey’s is all about satisfying cruelty-free chocolate cravings, but they are hoping to expand their menu with vegan cheesecakes as well.

mage may contain: drink and food

Brownie shake and chocolate brownie

mage may contain: drink

Infused fruit tea – Berry flavor

mage may contain: dessert and food

The chocolate brownie and the peanutella

Important Facts

Smokey’s aims to keep their creations as affordable as possible so that they can be enjoyed by everyone. All their products are well below Rs.400, with their brownies ranging from Rs.150 to 200 per piece.

Smokey’s offers a delivery service as well and delivers cruelty-free brownies to anywhere in Colombo.

If you are a chocolate lover and want your chocolate to be humane and environmentally friendly, Meatless Monday highly recommends Smokey’s-The Brownie Bar.