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Consuming food from a hotpot is a whole new experience where a divided pot with a heating element is set in the centre of a table with a soup/broth base in one section and a spicy sauce in the other. Different ingredients including various soy products, greens, vegetables, meats, sea
Saraswathi Lodge is a bustling wayside saivar food haunt that serves people from all walks of life. From hungry students, street sweepers to rich entrepreneurs, Saraswathi Lodge has been an ever present foodie haven for over 70 years.  I was first introduced to Saraswathi Lodge by my husband (AKA minisa),
Located in Marine Drive, overlooking the coastal railway line and the sea, MB Yaal as its name suggests is all about the cuisine found in the northern part of Sri Lanka. Wanting to try some authentic Jaffna food, Thadhsa, Ramesh and I headed to partake our afternoon sustenance aka lunch.
Walking down the tree laden Sea View Avenue, Colombo 3, it took only one look for Thadhsa, Ramesh and I to be completely bowled over as we first clapped our eyes on Bowl’d – the restaurant. Quite trendy and popular with reviews that praise its food, service and ambience, this
I have a confession to make. I am a dessert snob. There are some desserts I would only eat from certain places and it upsets me if desserts are not given the respect they deserve. (Yes, dessert is a person to me) Part of the reason why I am an
It was a photograph of a chalkboard sign that drew us to The Pure Kitchen, in Rosmead Place, Colombo 7. Sent to us by our friend Dennis, who was passing by, we thought we’d take a chance and set off for brunch. The creative and quirky signboard immediately caught our
Despite being quite well known for our sea-food, Sri Lanka is without a doubt a haven for vegans. Not only is it blessed with an incredible array of vegetables, fruit and grains, its cuisine with its rich coconut sauces are completely dairy free and therefore quite vegan. Though admittedly, almost
I Love pop up sales! I love it more when it is a store filled with vegan products. Established in September 2019, this online based store had its first pop up sale at Horton Place, Colombo 7 on 23rd December 2019 with a steady flow of customers eager to stock
Sushi Kai – Jawatte Rd, Colombo 5 Vegan Japanese food? ‘Pffffft……’ you would say as the nation’s cooking is deeply rooted in seafood and is perhaps one of the least likely vegan friendly cuisines in the world. However, if you can look past the Sushi and Sashimi, you would see