Vegan Food Review – Street Burger

Copyright:Street Burger

With the global pandemic, dining out has become a thing of the past. That is why we opted for a series of reviews that looked at scrumptious food that we can order from out.

Street Burger has branches both in Colombo 4 and Mount Lavinia with airy spaces with a hip vibe to it. While it caters in general to meat eating clients, the menu does consist of vegetarian options as well. 

Both burgers were quite large and were topped with lettuce, tomatoes, pickle, onions, creamy avocado and were drizzled with a mayo dressing. The crumb coated and deep fried patty had a potato base with carrots, corn and peas included. The portion size was perfect and was quite filling. While these are not 100% vegan with the dressing, the overall composition of the burger was amazing and is suitable for vegetarians. 

We really enjoyed the burgers and also had the satisfaction of supporting local vendors during these trying times. A big shout out to all the delivery personnel who have also worked tirelessly supporting the community. 

Most of all, it is a pleasure to see predominantly meat based restaurants take the time to create brilliant dishes to suit their plant-based clientele. Here’s hoping Street Burger would add more plant-based options to their menu. 


Suramya Hettiarachchi