Vegan Food Review – Organic food from Ranbath

If there is one place in all of Earth that could be a vegan haven, that would be Sri Lanka. Blessed with a wide array of vegetables, fruit and dairy alternatives, our traditional cooking is truly 100% plant-based. Sri Lankan curries are cooked in coconut milk and most of our sweets are also coconut-based. We are also blessed to have traditional agricultural methods that are completely organic and developed in line with resilient and organic farming practices. 

Ranbath is situated at Sri Sambudhdha Jayanthi Mw but is also available through food delivery apps. They offer healthy, wholesome vegetarian meals made from organic vegetables and fruit. While it is called vegetarian, the bulk of the food on offer is actually vegan. 

We ordered a nutritious mixed kola kenda (herbed rice porridge) and string hoppers for breakfast and a lovely rice and curry pack for lunch.

We are very thankful that the food comes wrapped in lotus leaves and packed in a cardboard box to minimise polythene use. 

The kolakenda was a burst of flavour, warm and herby. We chose kurrakan string hoppers which was accompanied with a fiery pol sambol ( coconut sambol) and kiri hodhi (turmeric and spice induced coconut milk) The flavour combo worked very well and we really enjoyed it. The string hoppers were not dry and was perfect dunked in the kiri hodhi. 

Now for the rice and curry. Ranbath is known for using heirloom rice varieties that are dense in fibre and nutrients. They offer 5 curries which is quite a feast. The curries are most often vegetables that are local favourites and we got gotukola, spiced brinjals, manioc, mango curry and boiled jackfruit tossed in a coconut and onion mix. The spice mixes are lovely. Not overpowering nor too rich. Ranbath is serious about their assurance to provide healthy food, so they do not overly use oil in their cooking. We also learnt that you can also choose to have a less rice and more veggies version. How awesome is that?

They also have a super range of breakfast, lunch and dinner options, some super beverages that include fresh juices, vegan desserts and a few traditional sweetmeats. This is truly a wonderful way to enjoy traditional vegan Sri Lankan food. 

I wonder why I am always surprised at how blessed I am to be able to enjoy so many vegetables in this rich and fertile country of ours. Perhaps because it is taken for granted and we do not explore all the possibilities that could be at our doorstep. It is lovely to see a local restaurant utilising what nature provides us organically and building a business around it. 

As always, Meatless Monday SL is happy to support local businesses. Stay safe everybody


Suramya Hettiarachchi