Vegan Food Review – Kiku Colombo

Kiku Colombo has always been a restaurant we have been wanting to review and while the pandemic has stopped us from enjoying its much sort after ambience, we are lucky to be able to order through delivery companies. 

Kiku offers western cuisine with a Japanese influence and the fusion works beautifully. The menu has many vegan and vegetarian options and we love their oat milk and juices. If you are an ovo-lacto vegetarian there are many egg options available as well. 

The plant-based options are clearly defined making ordering quite easy. We have often found it difficult to navigate through menus and this makes life very easy for those following plant-based diets. 

Having skipped breakfast we were looking for something that is filling and opted for the vegan savoury waffle. The plant-based waffle was not dense as we expected it to be but was as fluffy as any egg and dairy based waffle would be. We loved the crispy parsley that was used to garnish the dish. One crunch and that was gone. 

The waffle was served with a crunchy oyster mushroom and we loved the vegan mayu mayo whip and the spicy teriyaki drip. A perfect balance of the sweet and the umami. We do recommend you eating it warm to fully enjoy the taste and to slightly warm it if you are having it for laters. 

The vegan peanut butter brownie that we grabbed for desserts was dark, rich and decadent. We loved and it and look forward to ordering it again as we felt the chocolate to peanut butter ratio was just right. Bravo for that. 

Did we mention the oat milk at Kiku? Yum! This plant-based milk is made in house and is served ice cold in glass bottles. It is thick which came as a surprise to me as I was used to a thinner consistency. This of course is a purely personal preference. 

We at MMSL are happy to observe more and more restaurants catering to the various lifestyle and dietary needs of their customers. This is brings about the change that would result in a more inclusive restaurant culture in Sri Lanka. 

All in all, Kiku deserves a long review with us being at the premises to truly enjoy the food with the restaurant’s ambience. There is much talk about its interior and how light and shadow play a big part in the dining experience. Here’s wishing safer and better times for us to proceed with this wish. 


Suramya Hettiarachchi