Momo’s by Ruvi

Momo’s by Ruvi is a quaint little restaurant that exclusively serves momos, which are dumplings that originated from Tibet. They serve momo’s that are prepared either steamed, shallow fried or wok fried and one of their popular items in the menu are the vegetarian momos and baos.

The Meatless Monday Sri Lanka team visited Momo’s by Ruvi to sample these vegetarian and cruelty-free Tibetan treats for a change.

The Food

In order to try momos in all the different cooking styles, we ordered the vegetarian platter (Rs.900). The platter consisted of 12 dumplings that were evenly steamed, shallow fried and wok fried. The generous dumpling filling is a mix of different vegetables such as carrots and leeks, that was well seasoned with a bit of heat coming through. The steamed momos were plain and delicate and soft to the touch. For those who love a nice crunch, the wok fried momos provides the desired effect with a crunchy texture. But the shallow fried momos, which are coated in a delicious spicy sauce brings out an added flavour and texture to the dish. The platter is accompanied by a homemade soy sauce with chilli and a spicy sambol that helps to accentuate the flavours of the dumplings.

One plus point about the momos was that the dish wasn’t at all oily.

(The Vegetarian platter)

The restaurant also does a range of baos, which are steamed buns; and we ordered a plate of vegetarian baos. The vegetarian baos (Rs.650) included two pieces of steamed buns that were filled with a generous and juicy vegetarian filling and topped with a delicious hot sauce and mayonnaise. The filling contained slices of carrots, lettuce, onions, tomatoes and bell pepper that were spilling from the bun. The bun and the filling were well seasoned and the sauce and bell peppers provided plenty of heat to the dish.

(The vegetarian baos)

The Drinks

Momo’s by Ruvi have a range of cold and hot drinks in their menu. As it was a hot day we ordered a Lemon iced tea (Rs. 320), a Peace fiesta (Rs.320) and an Apple green (Rs. 320). The drinks proved to be very refreshing for the hot Colombo sun and paired well with the heat of the momos and baos.

(The peace fiesta) (The lemon iced tea)


Momo’s by Ruvi started with their restaurant at Bambalapitiya that is situated near the Majestic city shopping complex but has now expanded in to a second location at Parson’s road, Colombo 02. You can order baos only at the Parson road location as it is unavailable at the Bambalapitiya branch.

Overall it was an excellent experience with us being able to enjoy Tibetan dumplings that were delicious, meatless and cruelty-free. The service was prompt with our orders coming in well below 20 minutes and the staff was friendly and ready to answer any questions regarding the menu.