“Meatless Monday” Goes to Jaffna

To spread the message of cruelty free sustainable food consumption in the North of Sri Lanka, Meatless Monday Sri Lanka partnered with the Rotaract Club of the Faculty of Science of the University of Colombo to organise a sustainable lifestyles campaign named “Yaal Payam” (Journey to Jaffna).

The partnership resulted in a very effective campaign held in Jaffna on the 7th and 8th April 2018. The campaign was successful in bringing together a large number of undergraduates and school children from the Northern Province and Ms. Amayaa Wijesinghe of the Meatless Monday Sri Lanka team was able to speak on the importance of adopting meatless lifestyles to protect human health, promote animal welfare and prevent the exacerbation of climate change.

A cycle parade was also incorporated into the “Yaal Payam” campaign, which consisted of school scouts, and the Meatless Monday Sri Lanka team members were on hand to educate the participants of the cycle parade, which wound its way through the city spreading a message on sustainable living that also included the message on the need to reduce plastic and polythene usage.

The campaign ended with the aim to build further on the work initiated at Jaffna to a wide range of audience through similar awareness campaigns, in order to spread the need to shift towards mindful and cruelty-free food consumption for a sustainable and humane future.

(Boy scouts from Jaffna at the ‘Yaal Payam’ campaign)