Meatless Monday at the Youth4Youth National Symposium

Representatives of the Meatless Monday Sri Lanka was invited to take part in the Youth4Youth National Symposium that was held from 12th to 15th September at Digana, Kandy.

Meatless Monday Sri Lanka campaign conducted an awareness session to the youth delegates that were gathered in Kandy from all around Sri Lanka, on the importance of adopting a sustainable lifestyle to mitigate climate change impacts.

 Ms. Buddhika Ranadheera from the Meatless Monday Sri Lanka team educated the audience on how climate change is largely caused by carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide emissions where the livestock industry is one of the main contributors to climate change with emissions estimated at 7.1 gigatonnes CO2-eq per annum, representing 14.5 percent of human-induced GHG emissions.  “The need for a shift in dietary patterns towards meat and dairy free diets has become urgent and initiatives such as ‘Meatless Monday’ campaign helps to advocate change of lifestyle towards more meatless/vegan options.”, Ms. Ranadheera stated.

Knowledge and promotional material related to the Meatless Monday global campaign was also distributed among the youth participants with the request to carry forward the Meatless Monday message to the communities. More than 100 youth leaders from across the country took part in the event.