Lunch with Sulo – The Vegan Kitchen with Sulo, Raththanapitiya, Boralesgamuwa.

Vegan Kitchen By Sulo and Meatless Monday Sri Lanka have had a long food history. Having been one of the fore-runners in the vegan restaurant industry, MMSL has partnered with Sulo in many of our plant-based food promotions. 

That’s why going to her newly opened restaurant felt like going home. Situated in Raththanapitiya, which we consider a food haven, this cafe is a labour of love literally built from scratch by the dynamic duo Sulochana and her husband Anjana. 

‘This cafe, from wiring to walls and everything in between was done by my husband Anjana,’ said Sulo. Infact, Anjana is also the muse and inspiration behind Sulo’s venture towards vegan food. Their food story begins when Sulo met Anjana who is a vegan and wanted to make food for him. One thing led to another and they ended up getting married and running a successful vegan food venture. 

Together they have ‘veganised’ many popular non-vegan food from cakes, burgers, submarines to mock meat, vegan ‘sheeze’ and even vegan eggs. Her passion to promote local flavours and spice mixes makes her experiment and innovate recipes to suit not only the Sri Lankan palette but also to the most discerning meat lover. 

Let’s get down to the food and drinks

The Hot Chocolate, Faluda and yummy coffee were served in joyous mugs and were creamy and rich. Not overly sweet they are definite must haves in this cafe. 


Now the food! 

The Vegan ‘Sheeze Kotthu’

The Kotthu was filled with vegetables and was delightfully spicy. The vegan cheese made in house stole the show as it blended perfectly with the koththu. It might not be the dairy cheese one would be accustomed to, but was still creamy and delightful. 

The Nasi Gorang 

The Nasi Gorang was a surprise for us as it came with a fried egg! It looked like an egg and it even had the same textures. But this was no ordinary egg. 100% plant-based this vegan egg is something else. We definitely recommend you try it out. The rice was coated well with the sauces and was accompanied by Sulo’s signature mock meat. 

The Mockmeat burger 

The mock meat burger was generously loaded with mock meat, fried mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, salad leaves and was quite filling! The mock meat was seasoned well and was tossed in a sauce packed with flavours. This burger ticks all the boxes.

The Crunchy Garden Salad!

Packed with a combo of over 12 vegetables and fruits, this garden salad had every possible texture and flavour dancing in your mouth. Made in our presence, the salad contained both fresh and dehydrated vegetables and fruit.The dressing was the winner for us and if you’d like to see how to make this, click right here

This food fiesta ended with a decadent vegan french toast topped with fruits, nuts and an excellent chocolate sauce. 

The best thing about dining at Sulo’s is the pleasure of knowing that your meal is completely vegan. All ingredients are carefully scrutinized and researched which takes away the pressure of eating out for any vegan. Food is fresh and quite often picked from her own garden. The spice mixes are made in house and even the dehydrated ingredients are all her own. All in all, all, this is a definite go to place for all vegans.