Isle of Gelato

Isle of Gelato is a recent addition to Sri Lanka’s dessert range. The gelateria first opened its doors in Galle Fort and has now expanded to include shops in Caramel Pumpkin and Colombo City Center.

The Meatless Monday Sri Lanka team visited the gelateria at Colombo City Centrer to sample some of their dairy-free and vegan gelato flavours.

All their gelatos are made with fresh raw ingredients and don’t contain any artificial colours or flavours. And for a dessert that is dairy-free and vegan, their sorbets are a must try.

Their gelato is available in three different sizes; small (Rs. 450), medium (Rs. 700) and large (Rs.950).

On the day we visited, we tried the passion fruit, the tropical mango sorbet, the lychee raspberry sorbet and the strawberry sorbet.

The tropical mango sorbet has the sweet flavour of mango seeping through the creamy texture of the sorbet. When you dig in, you also find pieces of juicy mango pieces to enjoy.

The lychee raspberry sorbet is a combination of both fruits, with the lychee flavour dominating the tanginess of the raspberry. With every spoonful, you bite into the raspberry seeds, which gives a nice texture to the otherwise smooth sorbet.

The passion fruit gelato is our personal favourite. The sweet and sour combination of passion fruit is deliciously blended into the ice to make it a beautiful and smooth sorbet. It is specked with crushed passion fruit seeds which are a delight to bite into.

Finally, the strawberry sorbet has the creamiest texture of all the flavours. It was tangy and tart, and since it is made with fresh strawberries you get the authentic sweet and sour combination of the Sri Lankan strawberry. It isn’t one of our personal favourites, but if you are a fan of tangy and sour flavours, this sorbet would be a good choice.

These non-dairy sorbets have a high water percentage, so it is advisable to consume them quickly. Another notable fact is that Isle of Gelato doesn’t use any artificial sugar in their products, so the sorbets only contain the natural sweetness of the fruits.

Meatless Monday Sri Lanka highly recommends Isle of Gelato if you are looking to enjoy a frozen dessert that is both delicious and cruelty-free!