Introducing Climate Change Communication into Journalism Education in Sri Lanka

A lecture series on Climate Change Communication and how sustainable consumption and production could contribute to addressing climate change impacts was introduced to the Sri Lanka College of Journalism. The lecture series was organised by SLYCAN Trust, and Humane Society International in partnership with the Sri Lanka College of Journalism. The first module on sustainable consumption and production was launched on the 19th September 2018.

The module on Sustainable Consumption and Production focused on:

●      Creating awareness among journalism students on the possible negative environmental impacts of present consumption patterns.

●      Capacity building on effective communication on climate change and how sustainable consumption and production relates to mitigating climate change impacts and sustainable development related topics.

●      Engaging the journalism students in writing on issues related to climate change, sustainable consumption and production and the importance of adopting sustainable lifestyles.

The lecture on sustainable consumption and production was conducted by Mr. Namiz Musafer, Consultant to Switch-Asia Project, in all three languages of Sinhala, Tamil and English with interpretations where needed.

Before the conclusion of the lecture, Ms. Iyanthi Kulatilaka of the Meatless Monday Sri Lanka team conducted a short session on how by shifting to a meatless lifestyle it is possible to gain many benefits. Ms. Kulatilaka noted that by choosing to reduce one’s meat consumption it is possible to move away from unhealthy eating habits and improve one’s health, create a responsible society that protects the environment and adapt to the impacts of climate change.

Knowledge and promotional material was distributed among the 30 journalism students in the form of leaflets and bookmarks, in order for them to carry forward the Meatless Monday message.

(The Journalism students after being introduced to the Meatless Monday campaign)