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Plant-based Poya buffet launched by Cinnamon Red

By Marianne David Colombo’s Cinnamon Red hotel now features a plant-based buffet every Poya day, which serves up an expansive dining experience featuring over 50 dishes. The property decided to launch this new food feature to highlight the importance of adopting a plant-based diet and focus on how our ancestors were known to have thrived on vegetarian meals. According to Cinnamon Red, the spread aims to promote health and wellness as well as introduce novel ways of creating magical dishes out of everyday vegetables. As noted by the hotel’s General Manager, Mr. Terrence Fernando, the vegetarian lunch buffet was first

Plant-based entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka:Dinali Dandeniya and Anushka Kahawela share their experiences

On 21 June 2022, SLYCAN Trust conducted an online webinar with speakers from the food systems cohort of the EthicalX Accelerator Programme. The speakers were Dinali Dandeniya – the Co-founder of Cafe Kumbuk and Founder of Mama D’s vegan artisanal range – and Anushka Kahawela, from Veganly Life. ‍ SLYCAN Trust’s EthicalX team conducted this event with the objective of sharing success stories of entrepreneurs and the ethical, sustainable, and climate-friendly aspects they practice in their respective businesses. The discussion revolved around what entrepreneurship means to them, challenges faced by these businesses, and the driving force behind making their brands

‘What makes any business ethical is your mindset’:A chat with Dinali Dandeniya

Sustainability takes many forms and people can find different aspects of sustainability that work for them, says Dinali Dandeniya, Co-founder of Mama D’s and Cafe Kumbuk, emphasising, however, that what makes any business ethical is one’s mindset. ‍ “I think it’s our inner voices; the will to do things the right way. With everything we do within Kumbuk, we’re always stopping and thinking, ‘Is it the right way? Will it benefit Sri Lanka, the society, the community and what can we do?’ Ethics is heavily embedded into the businesses,” she added. ‍ Following are excerpts of the interview: ‍ Could

‘Addressing the gap for core plant-based food’:A chat with Anushka Kahawela

The Veganly life venture was born out of love and empathy towards animals and later turned into inspiration for the climate and the planet, said Anushka Kahawela, in an interview with the SLYCAN team. ‍ The home-based family-run business serves up vegan food items including cakes, bakes, and savouries and the core of the brand is built upon three elements: free from harm to animals, free from harm to the planet, and free from harm to your own health. ‍ Following are excerpts of the interview: ‍ Thank you for joining us today. Would you like to introduce yourself and