“From the Youth Parliament to the Village” – Meatless Monday at Kurunagala

As part of the island wide outreach program for creating awareness on the many benefits that entails by shifting to a plant based diet, the Meatless Monday Sri Lanka campaign took its team to Galgamuwa, an area two hours out of Kurunagala, to take part in the Youth workshop titled “From the Youth Parliament to the Village”, on the 5th of June 2018.

The Meatless Monday Sri Lanka team conducted an educational session at the youth workshop with the participation of Ms. Vositha Wijenayake, the Country Director of Humane Society International Sri Lanka, who spoke to school children in that area, aged 14 to 19 about focusing on environment friendly livelihoods and how sustainable consumption plays a vital role and helps to generate positive impacts on climate change and animal welfare.

During the session, Meatless Monday team member, Ms. Amaaya Wijesinghe gave the audience an introduction on the Meatless Monday global campaign which aims to reduce meat consumption and the environmental pollution caused by the livestock industry, as well as to raise awareness of the benefits of a meat-less lifestyle.

(Ms. Amayaa Wijesinghe speaking about the Meatless Monday Campaign)

Ms. Vositha Wijenayake ended the session by enlightening the audience about how innovative new business ideas are encouraged around the world due to the changing environment and new policies, and how concepts such as Meatless Monday and responsible lifestyles encourage new innovations and ideas to break away from the traditional way of business in order to contribute for a humane world.