Celebrating World Vegan Day at Mount Lavinia Hotel

The Mount Lavinia Hotel is well known for their incredible vegan buffet on poya days consisting of over a hundred vegan dishes from all over the world, along with their special vegan menu – both firsts in Sri Lanka. Following the tradition of promoting vegan food to Sri Lanka, on 1st November, Mount Lavinia Hotel partnered with Meatless Monday Sri Lanka and Humane Society International to celebrate the Workd Vegan Day. 

In 2018 on World Vegan Day, the Mount Lavinia Hotel introduced a special vegan high tea for the first time in Sri Lanka to celebrate this special day. This year on World Vegan Day, the Mount Lavinia Hotel celebrated one year of success with their vegan high tea in partnership with Meatless Monday Sri Lanka and Humane Society International. The event was highly successful with both vegans and non-vegans turning up at the hotel to enjoy the variety of vegan food available to them at the high tea.

(Winners of the Meatless Monday competition enjoying the vegan high tea with family)


At a special price of 1,100 rupees, the high tea was well worth the price as it consisted of a range of both international and fusion items that were an absolute treat to everyone present. The high tea platter was made up of traditional English scones served with jam and vegan cream, a few Sri Lankan dishes with a twist such as spicy “Lavariya”, traditionally a local sweet and miniature coconut rotis with a delicious filling among others. For desserts, they had a beautiful range of unique fusion sweets that were a treat to the taste-buds. 

(Scones with a Sri Lankan touch to it)

(Spicy Lavariya and other vegan delicacies)

For vegans, it was another opportunity to treat themselves to vegan treats without the hassle of explaining their diet multiple times or having to question the food being served. For the non vegans, it was an opportunity to devour delicious vegan food and open their eyes to everything the vegan world has to offer.

The Vegan Day celebrations continued with a cookery demonstration conducted by Dr. Pablis of Mount Lavinia Hotel which focused on teaching the Meatless Monday team on making vegan Sri Lanka food. 

(Thadsha from Meatless Monday team assisting Dr.Pablis in the food preparation)