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Meatless Monday Campaign in Sri Lanka draws on the successful worldwide campaigns of Meatless Monday of which the main objective is to reduce meat consumption and raise awareness of the health, environmental and overall benefits of plant based diets. Read more on about the initiative over here.

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COVID-19 has put a stop to many things across the world. People are expected to stay home, follow safety guidelines to ensure they neither contract nor spread the virus to others. This has not only hampered daily lifestyles and livelihoods, but also religious worshipping and gatherings.  People have been made
‘What can we do this avurudu?’ ‘Can we visit atthamma and aachchi?’ ‘Can we do banis Kaeme tharagaya?’ ‘You mean we can’t play avurudu games at all?’ These are the questions that are echoing around our house these days, as children and parents are in lockdown. No matter where you
Remember our visit to Mala Hotpot? Well right next to it is Thai where they serve some scrumptious …well… Thai cuisine. Thadsha was craving for some noodles and we decided to pop across to grab a bite from there as well. Here too, the menu was quite limited, yet it