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Meatless Monday Campaign in Sri Lanka draws on the successful worldwide campaigns of Meatless Monday of which the main objective is to reduce meat consumption and raise awareness of the health, environmental and overall benefits of plant based diets. Read more on about the initiative over here.

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A Sweet Bombay Affair – Bombay Sweet House and Bombay Sweet Centre
Believe it or not, there was a time when there were only a handful of cafes and restaurants let alone sweet shops in Sri Lanka. There was little choice and eating out was not always an option. That is why Bombay Sweets will always have a special place in my
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In a Hot Spot with Mala– Colombo City Centre Food Studio
Consuming food from a hotpot is a whole new experience where a divided pot with a heating element is set in the centre of a table with a soup/broth base in one section and a spicy sauce in the other. Different ingredients including various soy products, greens, vegetables, meats, sea
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Breakfast at Saraswathi’s – Saraswathi Lodge, Galle Rd, Colombo 4
Saraswathi Lodge is a bustling wayside saivar food haunt that serves people from all walks of life. From hungry students, street sweepers to rich entrepreneurs, Saraswathi Lodge has been an ever present foodie haven for over 70 years.  I was first introduced to Saraswathi Lodge by my husband (AKA minisa),
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