Meatless lifestyles for a humane and sustainable world


Meatless Monday Campaign in Sri Lanka draws on the successful worldwide campaigns of Meatless Monday of which the main objective is to reduce meat consumption and raise awareness of the health, environmental and overall benefits of plant based diets. Read more on about the initiative over here.

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A classic Sri Lankan rice and curry at Upali’s by Nawaloka
Every now and then I get asked by people how I live on a plant based diet. Better yet, they
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International Bio Diversity Day 2019 – Food, Health
Reconciliation or as most of us call it “Sanhidiyawa” has been a hot topic for us in Sri Lanka lately.
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Harpo’s Vegan Pizza
Harpo’s Vegan Pizza Meatless Monday Sri Lanka food reviews have been slow lately because of the current situation of the
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